Dr. Maria Elena Diaz Montes de Oca

Dr. María Elena Diaz Montes de Oca

Oral Surgery

Dr. María Elena Diaz is a dentist of exceptional caliber and dedication. Her journey from Mexico to Canada is marked by a steadfast commitment to the field of dentistry. With a solid academic foundation, she earned her DDS from the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico in 1994, which was only the beginning of her pursuit of excellence.

Dr. Diaz's international experience, gained through an exchange program at Meikai University School of Dentistry in Japan, showcases her eagerness to broaden her knowledge. Her determination led her to obtain an Orthodontic degree in 2000 from the Institute for the Development and Updating of Professionals (IDAP) in Mexico.

What sets Dr. Diaz apart is her resolute drive to practice dentistry in Canada. She faced the challenge of re-qualifying her dental degree, successfully passing the NDEB's rigorous examinations. This led to accreditation from the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario and the Ontario Dental Association in 2019, a testament to her unwavering commitment.

Dr. Diaz's linguistic proficiency in both English and Spanish enables her to connect with a diverse patient base. She is renowned for her ability to craft tailored, comprehensive treatment plans. Her expertise spans across multiple dental specialties, encompassing Restorative Dentistry, Root Canals, Fixed Prosthodontics, Aesthetic Dentistry, Pediatrics, Orthodontics, and Implants. She further refined her skills through a residency program at the esteemed University of Toronto.

Beyond her professional life, Dr. María Elena Diaz finds solace in quality time with her family, often partaking in outdoor activities like hiking and camping. This holistic approach to life enhances her patient interactions, underscoring her commitment to overall well-being.

Dr. María Elena Diaz's profound passion for dentistry and her unwavering dedication to her patients make her an invaluable addition to our Dental Clinic team. Her wealth of knowledge and compassionate care promise to elevate the standard of dental practice and contribute to the well-being of her patients and the community as a whole.